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From 9-9:30 there will be coffee and some snacks.  Please arrive anytime after 8:30 (you can help if you arrive early) and don’t be late because we start promptly at 9:30.  And this year the lunch break is 90 minutes.


Cheese Making (lasts for 2 time slots)
Anna Landmark, from Landmark Creamery will teach you how to get started making cheese at home and the special properties of each kind of milk.

Make a Ginger Bug for Probiotic Sodas
Susan Manak, a self taught “kitchen scientist” will teach participants will learn to start their own “ginger bug” to make ginger beer and other tasty probiotic sodas.

Yoga for Gardeners
Tammy Sytsma will lead the group through a series designed specifically for the needs of gardeners – flexibility, strength and mindful movements to keep you healthy and strong through this year’s garden season and into the many gardening years to come.

Cultured Milk
Branden Byers of will teach the basics of making yogurt, kefir, smen, cultured butter and real buttermilk. He’ll also discuss the differences between Bulgarian, Viili, Matsoni and other heirloom yogurts, and the historical context and science behind traditional milk-preservation methods.


Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de Queijo)
Bert Beversluis, a former pastry chef will prepare Pão de Queijo, a chewy cheese puff made with tapioca flour.

Home made Granola and Yogurt
Allison Dungan will show tips on quick and easy ways to make delicious yogurt and granola.

Food Tips & Tricks from Slow Food Madison
A panel of Slow Food Madison leaders talks about some of their food tips, tricks and thoughts on all things food. This is meant to be a very interactive and lively session. We hope that the food geeks can show you a few practical approaches to preparing and eating food.

Making Bacon, Cured Eggs, and more
Scott Meskan will show how to make your own bacon at home as well as curing duck eggs and some fermented honey tricks.  Bacon tastes will be provided. 🙂


How to Homebrew Kombucha
Alex Stenner will teach how to create base kombucha tea, flavor it as desired, and create a safe system to keep your tea (and yourself) healthy. This will be a hands on demonstration with every piece of equipment and materials needed for brewing kombucha, present.

Poultry Demonstration
Jonny Hunter from UFC.

How to Make Water Kefir
Jack Buchanan

All About Sunflower Oil
Sunflower Oil is sometimes called “The Midwest Alternative to Olive Oil.” Unlike olives, sunflowers can be grown in Wisconsin. This session will explain different uses for sunflower oil, including how it compares to other oils, how to cook with it, and recipe ideas. There will be samples for tasting sunflower oil and different foods made with it.

Baklava-Persian Style
Laila Borokhim, from Layla’s-Persian food will teach you how to make authentic Persian Baklava.


Water bath Canning Basics
Who wouldn’t want to eat locally grown tomatoes in December? Or homemade raspberry jam in January? Or make pickles using the bounty of their own garden? If you’ve ever thought about water bath canning but have been afraid to try, Laura Purdy will go through the basics of how to be safe and smart when preserving. We’ll discuss helpful resources, safety, tools of the trade, and do a live demo of how to water bath can.

Cooking Fish is a Breeze. Break free from fin food fear.
A rep from Sitka Salmon shares will teach you some basic ways to prepare fish including ceviche and pan frying and also answer questions about seafood sourcing.

Seed Starting
This will be a hands-on workshop where John Binkley of Equinox Community Farm will cover seed starting basics, soil block making, and participants will be able to take home a plant of their own.

Kimchi and more
Learn the basics and some advanced ideas about vegetable fermentation.


Homemade Crackers using your Pasta Maker
Dig out that pasta machine that you feel guilty about not using enough. You can make crackers at home that are healthy, inexpensive, and taste delicious. Sara Kidd will demo making/rolling out dough, and will bring lots of samples and recipes.

Health from the Inside Out – Understanding Food Intolerances
Dr. Dawn Ley will discuss understanding, identifying, and overcoming food intolerances.

Making Bacon, Cured Eggs, and more
Scott Meskan will show how to make your own bacon at home as well as curing duck eggs and some fermented honey tricks.  Bacon tastes will be provided. 🙂

Master Gardener Joe Mullenberg will give a presentation on composting techniques along with taking a walk out to look at and discuss the compost bins at the Goodman Center.

Cooking Off the Cuff
Nathan Rousseau will take people through basic cooking procedures such as sanitation, prep, quality, and general skills. He’ll then bring an array of ingredients and have people pick at random what to cook with, and make a dish out of it. Simple, creative, and fun.


Fruit – 3 Ways: Butter, Pie Filling and Curd
Gail Hutchinson is going to give you the tools to make some delicious things with fruit: butters (like apple, pear butter), pie fillings (any fruit) and curd (lemon, cranberry, etc). Having a little technique will go a long way in upping your fruit game.

Life Hack: Stews for Healthy Good Eatin’ 
Have you ever made Bigos? How about shakshuka? They’re delicious and stews are an easy way to incorporate healthy food in a busy life. We’ll talk through and taste stews from different countries, with how to make each of them either with meat or vegan/vegetarian.

Cashews as a substitute for dairy 
Debbie Rasmussen will show easy ways to make cheesecake, herbed cheese, and cream from raw cashews.